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A diary about the contribution of Indian Muslim women. 

Celebrating Women through History

Jashn – e – Dosti : A celebration of friendship




50 Inspiring Stories Of Muslim


Ms.Sabah Khan


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Being Muslim at the WorkPlace

Parcham aims to promote education and employment in the Muslim community but faces challenges such as discrimination and low opportunities. Reports such as the Sachar Committee and Kundu Committee have highlighted the low participation of Muslims in the formal sector and the high rates of unemployment among educated urban Muslim youth. Parcham is working to address these issues through research and action.our users know a little more about you.

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The many languages of diverse India 


Parcham’s vision is a society respectful of diversity. The 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India celebrates the diversity of languages of India with 22 languages spoken across the country. We printed the names of these languages in their script on cloth bags as a reminder and to promote the diversity of languages in this country. 

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Postcard against prejudice

Islamophobia is a global phenomena resulting in hate crimes and stereotyping of Muslims. Parcham designed postcards addressing the stereotyping of Muslims. The postcards were inspired by OLAVA’s postcards on stereotypes of sexual minorities. The design of the postcards was done our volunteers by Ain Contractor 

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Bookmarks: Pyaar karo, Nafrat Nahi

We celebrate love today with songs and giving away these bookmarks to assert our right to love without state interference.

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