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Creating Inclusive Cities & Safe Spaces 

With the belief that the personal is political, Parcham engages with issues of exclusion of women from public spaces by claiming these spaces, visualizing our presence whilst engaging with the government towards creating inclusive cities.

We choose to practice in open grounds so as to create a new normal of young girls in public spaces. We used our experience of difficulties in finding a safe space to practice football to successfully lobby with the elected representative and bureaucrats to allocate land for a sports ground for young girls. We aim to contribute to the discussion on the planning of cities to make them just, inclusive, and equitable.

Creating Inclusive Cities/ public spaces: Making a safe public environment for women a reality

First Ever Girls Cycle Rally in Mumbra

14th of November 2014

The cycle rally for girls in Mumbra was an initiative that sought to empower girls by highlighting their right to education, safety, and recreation. Parcham, a well-known organization for its football initiative with girls in Mumbra, had proposed the cycle rally to the Thane Municipal Corporation as a means to encourage girls to use the bicycles provided to them. The lack of confidence and support from parents in letting their girls cycle on the streets prevented the girls from using bicycles for a year. However, the training provided by Parcham volunteers eliminated this handicap, and the rally gave the girls the confidence to cycle on the streets.

The Thane Municipal Corporation had been highly supportive of the initiative and had been instrumental in bringing it to fruition. The rally was flagged off at 10 am from Mumbra Station by M.L.A Jitendra Awhad and Hon. Municipal Commissioner Mr. Aseem Gupta. The rally covered the distance from Mumbra Station to Kausa Talav, towards the stadium.

It was hoped that the rally instilled confidence in the girls, and cycling in Mumbra became a common sight. Although Mumbra may have been quite a distance, the organizers invited all to cheer the girls as they cycled away their inhibitions. This rally was an excellent initiative towards empowering girls and promoting their rights, which was crucial for the overall development of society.

Parcham Suitcase Library

May 2017

Parcham started to work through football which worked towards also reclaiming public space. This year we decided to carry bags full of books to the local park. This meant sending out a call to friends to donate books of which we received many! We chose books in Urdu, Hindi, English, and Marathi to take to the local park where we were surprised at the eagerness of not just the children but also parents to pick books and read. A couple who came to the park wanted to read to be able to have nighttime stories for the children!

On days we were able to go to the park, we were able to reach out to more than 50 children and
parents. Many wanted to know if they could purchase the books or take them home. The suitcase
library and the large donations of storybooks for children from our friends (300 storybooks
indifferent languages) and nearly 1000 workbooks and educational books for children made
finding a space a necessity.

Friendly Football Tournament to Name the Ground

1st May - 2019

During a friendly football tournament on International Women's Day, Dr. Jitendra Awhad renewed his commitment to the cause. Parcham seized this opportunity and requested that the ground be named 'The Fatima bi Savitri Bai Sports Ground for Women and Girls in honor of these two pioneering women who worked together in the 1840s to realize their dream of an equal society, transcending their religious identities. The demand was accepted, and Parcham's advocacy efforts resulted in a lasting legacy that celebrates the contribution of women to society.

Creating Inclusive Cities/ public spaces : Realizing the dream of a safe public space for women


Parcham's bold and visionary approach to social activism marked a historic turning point in the struggle for gender equality. Their unwavering belief in the transformative power of personal action on the political stage sparked a movement that challenged the systemic exclusion of women from public spaces. Through their fearless occupation of public grounds, Parcham illuminated the presence and potential of women in these spaces and drove a critical dialogue with government officials to create more inclusive and equitable cities. Parcham's remarkable efforts culminated in a landmark achievement in 2014 - the successful lobbying for a dedicated sports ground for young girls, enabling them to exercise their right to play and thrive in a previously male-dominated domain. The lasting legacy of Parcham's pioneering activism continues to inspire and empower women worldwide to claim their rightful place in society.​ Parcham's efforts to secure a dedicated sports ground for young girls were finally realized in 2014 when the City Administration accepted their negotiation. However, no progress was made towards building the facilities on the ground.

Wall Painting

2nd October - 2021

Parcham has worked hard to secure a sports Ground for girls. We have been following up with the administration on a regular basis in order to get the Ground ready for play. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, our footballers held a wall painting event to draw attention to the ground and the reservation.

Artists and activists from across the city, Mumbra Corporators, and nearly 500 youth and children attended the event.  A few national dailies and online portals covered the event.


The fundamental abilities and qualities required for almost any job are employability skills. These are the general abilities that a company looks for in a candidate. Parcham wants to prepare the marginalized youth for the workforce.


Satellite View
Fatima Bi Savitri Bai Sports Ground For Women & Girls 
Fatima Bi Savitri Bai Sports Ground (1).png

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