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​One of the goals of Parcham’s work is to empower adolescents and young people as citizens, to recognize their constitutional rights and responsibilities, and to play an active role in realizing these. Our work on citizenship education aims to create informed and responsible citizens. In the current atmosphere of fear and hatred, Parcham’s work aims to generate a counter-current of love, empathy, and solidarity.
Through exposing youth to critical perspectives on identity and citizenship, Parchamseeks to develop an understanding on the politics of identity that centers on belonging rather than victimhood.

Our dream is to create an inclusive community of active, thoughtful, and compassionate citizens who are ready to be the change they wish to see in the world. One of the ways to do this has been through organizing sessions by experts which relate to different
aspects of this theme. For instance, around the history of partition, the feminist movement, secularism, and progressive interpretations of religion. The discussions emanating from the education sessions are translated by the youth
themselves into short think pieces that are published in the “Urooj” newsletter.


Create informed and socially conscious citizens.


Establishing a library for children to engage in discussions and debates on a range of social issues.


To make every man and women financially independent, for which they need a degree/self employment.

The Urooj team of Parcham and team Center for Promoting Democracy -  participated in a joint workshop to understand the raging hijab controversy, increased age of marriage, a secular republic as against a hindu rashtra and water as a right. 
Intense informed youth led discussions, a lot of writing and a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the Urooj newsletter to be published on women’s day and for Aisa Bharat Banayenge to read these young voices. 

 The Parcham team - 2021

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