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In my senior college, I wanted to major in Political Science. But one of the Pol Sc professors would come to class and speak badly about Muslims, about they having brought the country to ruin. I was the only Muslim in class and none of the students questioned the teacher. I decided I could not bear to be in that class for all six lectures in the final year so decided to opt for Economics instead.

Before they might have felt guilt and shame, now it is considered completely normal to question a certain identity. You are expected to not feel bad about it. I am blamed for my own discrimination.

Only Muslim

In my Senior college, I was the only Muslim. Everyone identified me as a Muslim only. I would sit on the first bench. So no one would share that bench or sit on the bench behind me.

Thoda bahot rehta hai Muslim non Muslim ka. India Pak match me ek colleague said if Pak wins Mumbra me bomb phootega. (There is a bit of the Muslim-non-Muslim thing. During the India-Pak match a colleague said, if Pak wins then bombs will burst in celebration in Mumbra) Some people are like this. Not everyone.

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