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Freedom of expression. (Article 19)

Freedom of expression means no one can restrict citizen’s views or their rights of expression. For example we can publish articles, television by this person can express their views. But this right is not absolute. The citizen has right to freedom of speech and expression, liberty to propagate their views. Freedom of expression is among the foremost of human rights. This right includes right to criticize the government.

But the government punishes people who criticize it. Devu Chodankar was arrested for criticising the Prime Minister and writing against the Bhartiya Janta Party Facebook. This is wrong because people have the right to criticize the government. Though Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, the government restricts freedom. The Court also does not allow criticisng it like we saw in the Prashant Bhushan matter. Lots of restrictions were put on the freedom of expression of citizens.


I am madeeha makbool. Student of FYBA. I like to read novels. I don’t surrounded my self with negative thoughts and people. I like to live simple ,classic and happy life.

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