We believe that women too have the right to open spaces and the more girls and women are visible in the spaces, the safer our communities.

.We tried asserting this by playing football in public spaces.

​Our work

Parcham Diary 2016 paid tribute to forgotten Muslim women who braved ridicule and societal impositions to make an invaluable contribution to society.

Parcham enabled the development and clean up of an unused open space to an accessible children’s playground.

​​​“Tere maathe pe ye aanchal bahut hi khub hai lekin,
Tu is aanchal ka ek parcham bana leti to accha tha"
                                                                       - Majaz

We continue playing football with girls and having tournaments for them.  We now plan to get adult women to kick ball. Details to be shared closer to the event in March.

Parcham raises resources and connects students to generous individuals in an effort to help girls become financially independent by supporting their higher education.

1. Reclaiming public spaces

We organized cycle rally for women in Mumbra.

Parcham Library is an out of a suitcase kind of library with books in English, Hindi and Urdu in an effort to create a healthy addiction to reading after football practice.

3.  Education

Hum Khawateen- A performance based on Muslim women's writings published in Urdu magazines between 1905 and 1956 that stand out for their incisive commentary on society and politics. Parcham had the honour of hosting the program in collaboration Raschakra,  Centre for Women's Studies and School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS.   

Every year, is an attempt to bring back the memory of the forgotten women who we are indebted to for our own liberation and feminist thought.

2. Claiming our History

Parcham is a collective of feisty adolescent girls who love to shatter stereotypes.  The group started out playing football and has since engaged with issues of exclusion of women from public spaces, engaged with systems of governance to assert their right to these spaces, built bridges of friendship between communities.

A feminist politics with an understanding of intersectionalities has informed the strategies and activities of Parcham.     

The 2017 Notebook, we celebrate women who successfully challenged patriarchy embedded in state sanctioned religious laws.